Anger Management Courses Online

Looking for anger management courses online? Are you one of the many people who have issues with uncontrolled anger? 

If so, it's important to realize that it is possible to manage and get your anger under control. 

Naturally, the first step in managing your anger is recognizing that you have a problem.  Once you've acknowledged your anger issues, you need to investigate different ways of dealing with your anger. 

Several strategies can be used for anger management, including a number of free anger management activities you can read about online.

Alternatively, you could look for a qualified therapist who provides traditional, one-on-one therapy sessions or group counseling designed to help you manage your anger. 

Although it can be quite effective, traditional therapy is an option that can also get quite expensive.  Fortunately, there's another strategy you can try, and you can pursue it from the convenience of your home.

General Anger Management

Some anger management techniques are general in nature.  As a result, applying them doesn't require the same sort of individualized, in-depth knowledge of your psyche that's involved with traditional therapy sessions. 

These general techniques can be learned from anger management courses online.  

You can find a variety of free and paid anger management courses online.  Often, the free anger management courses online sound promising at first.  Ultimately, though, many of them turn out to be nothing more than a basic  introduction to anger management which provides information in an attempt  to convince you to sign up for a course that charges a fee.  

One of these free online anger management courses, for example, describes a number of techniques you can use to reduce your stress and manage your anger.  After this information, you're asked for your contact information for follow-up purposes (probably to try to convince you to buy a paid anger management course). 

For your information, the following anger management techniques are some of those that are suggested on this particular site:

  • Deep, slow, rhythmic breathing (this breathing technique can be a potent weapon for breaking your anger's hold over you).

  • Taking leisurely walks which let you enjoy the birdsong, inhale the fragrances of flowering shrubs, and watch the squirrels at play (research has shown that spending 20 minutes per day amid nature can restore and refresh the mind).

  • Standing up and stretching your muscles every so often (stretching relaxes tightened muscles and improves the flow of oxygen to your brain, enabling you think more clearly).

  • Exercising for more than 20 minutes a day, eating healthy, naturally colorful food, and getting at least 7 hours of sleep every night (each of these things can help reduce your anger and increase your overall satisfaction with life).

  • Maintaining an optimistic, positive attitude and talking to yourself in a calming, understanding manner (most of the things that make you angry will be irrelevant to your life ten years from now, so you should tell yourself they don't matter now, either).

  • Letting yourself express your irritation before it builds into full-fledged anger (expressing your irritation while it's still mild is far more constructive than letting it spiral into rage or trying to suppress it).

  • Keeping a journal and writing down everything that irritates, annoys or frustrates you - and why (putting this information down on paper lets you release the hold the anger has over your mind).

More Anger Management

There are several other things you can do to improve your mental attitude and control your anger.  It's not a bad list, really, and it serves its purpose by motivating people with anger issues to investigate further.

Typically, paid anger management courses online are different than most of the free versions.  In fact, some anger management courses online are fairly thorough online therapy classes with a syllabus, class discussions, study groups and a final exam.

They can help you learn the basics about anger, such as what triggers it and how anger can be cyclical.  But they can also teach you how to develop a plan to control your anger, how to restructure the way you think, and how to resolve conflicts with others, among other things.

A number of web sites provide information about anger management.  Much of it is free, including the information on sites run by government agencies and hospitals.  Other sites provide this information as a way of obtaining your email address. 

Either way, it can help you control your anger before it controls you.

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