Stress Tips For Effective Stress Relief

Why this list of stress tips? Over the years of working, living and surviving on this little planet, I learned some strategies about stress relief that worked for me. Maybe they can be of help to you as well.

First: do you really want the get rid of stress? It seems a strange question but a lot of people think they crave the adrenaline and the dead-line hammer pushing in the back. It seems a habit of our high productive orientated culture to push ourselves to the limit.

Your body loves the feeling of being relaxed, cool and collective. It has been so long that you can hardly remember the last time being in a truly relaxed state. Face it: It is not a luxury; it's a basic necessity to relax completely and often.

Stress Tips Part I. Quick Fixes For Instant Relief

  • Take five minutes off and eat an apple, real slowly. Pay attention to be in the present, while you sniff, taste and observe every step of eating a piece of fresh fruit. Chew well. A humid mouth, as a parasympathetic reflex to eat, also helps you to de-stress.

  • Wave your arms slowly above your shoulders, stretch and breathe deeply. There is a whole explanation on why this really helps for stress relieve, which I am going to spare you.

  • Do a reality check and reconnect. A lot of the things we do are really not that important as we think they are. Stop with what you are doing and step back. For a moment you are not that employee, you are not that family member. You are just you. That real person in the back, often forgotten by yourself. Take your own necessities into account.

  • Cut up you work in small tasks and consume your time in manageable pieces. Think about the apple, as a metaphor. Small chunks go down better.

  • Leave it! If you feel your mind and body are worn out and blunt, leave the stuff to the next day. You are only wasting time if you try to carry on in a bad shape. Stop, regenerate, take a good rest and then you will do it better.

  • Focus before you jump: Take a tree seconds meditation before you act.

Stress Tips part II. Far Better Fixes For Stress Relief

Grow a habit of:

  • Eating a real breakfast in the morning. Drink before you are thirsty and relax before you are exhausted. Seems simple, nobody does it.

  • Take laughing seriously. Close your eyes. Think of a good friend laughing and make the effort to do the same movement with your face. The rest will follow. Take positive initiatives on a daily basis.

  • Time management: Start early, finish early. Put healthy boundaries in place; learn to say "no". That can give you stress relieve, big time.

  • Positive thinking as a tool. Disconnect from negative thinking loops and focus on the positive aspects of your position. Creating your own, more positive reality and the art of acceptance are things we can learn from the East.

  • Inspire yourself with the constructive examples of others. Read books and watch movies like "the Secret" (2007) or "Pacific Warrior" (2006) on the subject of stress relieve by better thinking. And it's fun to do so.

  • A midday nap is for old people. Yeah. You are getting old much faster for being under stress. Some older people are just wiser people, when it comes to midday napping after lunch and a good digestion. You can work better afterward (and leave your work sooner).

  • Respect your body as if it was some one else's (that's something to contemplate about). Do a body work out. Transform stress into muscle mass. Get it out of your system and relax well afterward. Visit a spa.

  • Follow your instinct instead of your fear or your logic. Do something just because you enjoy doing so. Follow your inner child.

  • Take a detour when you are in a hurry! Is that a joke? It's an old Chinese expression and it is quite profound when you come to think on it.

  • Keep your energy flowing with the power of touch. Use Reiki to rearrange your stress response. Get your shoes out, put your feet on the ground, slightly apart, put your hands on your body where you can feel the most tensed, close your eyes and breathe deeply. You will feel an evolution, a gradual liberation of body experiences. As you are contemplating the places where you concentrated your stress, you will notice how these tensions dissolve.

  • Be here and now. Do remember this often: The present moment is a present to be thankful of. It can be the very quiet in the center of a big hurricane. As one of the better stress tips remember that the present moment can be that point in time where everything stands still and where you can relax for an intense moment.

  • Ida and Pingala what? According to ancient Ayurvedic knowledge, your "ida" nostril is more connected with your body relaxation systems (parasympathetic circuits) than your "pingala" nostril. In men the "ida" is the left nostril, in women it is the opposite side. Keep that nostril open and learn to breathe slowly and deeply as a habit. When you want to distress more intensely, close the "pingala" nostril while breathing in, focus on just that for 10 minutes.

  • Reach out to others. Speak about your subjective devils which are pushing you to the limit. Broaden your views with the opinions of others. Learn more stress tips and remember to practice often the ones that do work for you.

  • Chronic stress is a no-no. Respect your personal capacities and kick the habit of being always under stress before it kicks you.

  • Sleep on it. Start preparing yourself two hours before bedtime. That's right two (2) whole hours. Restrict your lights, noise, information and put some relaxing music on. Take herbs if you need to. Passion flower works well.

Stress Tips Part III. Throwing The Kitchen Sink At It For Durable Stress Relieve

If the above suggestions are not enough to provide you with enough stress relief you may want to consider some more potent stuff.

  • Consult a professional, specialized in stress relief: Make an appointment with a therapist or your medical doctor. Do not go for the prescription drugs as the solely solution for your stress problem. Look beyond a quick fix. Educate yourself and learn some effective stress tips.

  • Negotiate a better situation. In your work or family setting, talk to your peers and/or the person in charge. This should be do-able. "Work is for better living", not the other way around.

  • Consider a vacation. It takes at least a week to get the acute stress symptoms out of your body and mind. And you better relax well before making any mayor decisions.

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