College Stress Relief And Management

Why looking for college stress relief? Fifteen credit hours, three hours sleep a night, test after test after test, and of course your parents looking over your shoulder is enough to bring on stress by the masses.

Our goal here is to help you through both college stress and even student stress, because both of them can take a toll on your education and your life as a whole. So after doing tons of research we came up with a few things to help you along the way.

It doesn't matter if you're thirteen years old, just now learning about where the future can take you or already starting your first semester this year. The goal is to help you feel comfortable in your surroundings and when things start piling up to give you college stress you'll be ready instead of overwhelmed. Take a look below and see everything we found about combating this ongoing issue.

Understanding Stress

It's important to understand what college stress is and how it can affect your everyday life before going any farther. Without getting too technical, stress occurs basically when your body releases stress-related chemicals into the bloodstream. If there is no physical and/or mental outlet (sweat or exertion) then it eats you up from the inside out. If this happens, you will find yourself having issues over things that would normally be considered as minor.

On a serious note though, college stress can be just as good for you as it can be bad. Obviously if you have distress, then something has taken over the system because you just have too much strain to withstand.

However, if by chance you have eustress, then you'll want to be right in front of those hard challenges and face them head on.

Are you wondering how you get rid of distress and grab some of that eustress?

Be Organized

Listen, it's not fun when you're searching all over the house for your keys, books, paperwork, and everything else all at the last second. It's the easiest way to make your day feel like a whirlwind of stress right from the very beginning.

By now your parents have probably told you so we don't want to sound like a broken record, but we're only talking an extra few minutes a day, but wake up earlier. Have everything situated the night before if you want to sleep that extra five or ten minutes.

The reason this is such a big deal is because it will spill off to many other parts of your day. You know, organization will help you be better prepared for tests, extracurricular activities, and even having time to make new friends during your experience.

College can be tons of fun, but it can quickly become a nightmare if you let college stress set the rules. The point is it's never too late to start getting organized and your college life will run a lot smoother.

Many Other Tips to Live By While in College

Since organization is your #1 priority as far as managing college stress, it will help in each one of these small tips.

First, set aside some time for yourself. Your year is going to be filled with ups and downs so make sure you free up a couple hours a day to enjoy time with your friends or whatever it is you like to do. There will be times when you'll be asked to do something so go have some fun, just don't over do it to where your school work suffers.

Second,take an hour or two a day to go over your study material. If you do a little bit at a time over the course of a week or two, it's a lot easier to manage then cramming them all together the night before you have to pull off two or three tests. Cramming is one of the quickest ways to end up feeling worn down and unfortunately the cycle will continue if you don't make the change.

Last but not least, try to have a major and minor before you get started with your college career. So many students spend half of their time in college trying to figure out who and what they want to be. Then when it's all said and done they aren't happy with the outcome. If you already have this setup before you get started (part of organization), then you will have fun learning about the career you want to step into afterwards.

The End Result

Taking advantage of every single one of these tips and tricks to managing college and student stress may feel difficult in the beginning. However, if life wasn't full of challenges we would never learn anything.

As time passes by you'll get used to the organization you've added to your everyday life and in the end, it will become natural. We understand you'll still end up with some sort of college stress along the way, but you can tone it down significantly.

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