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If you are looking for free guided meditations online, you may be in search of effective forms of stress relief.

You may feel like life is getting the better of you, or there may be so many good things happening at once that you are struggling to find peace and quiet or periods of needed relaxation.

Whatever may be happening in your life, meditation is one of the best ways to calm your body and mind so you get the relaxation you need to lead a balanced life.  

What is Meditation?

If you think of sitting Indian style and closing your eyes while humming, you have an outdated idea of meditation.

You can sit in any position that you find comfortable and relaxing, and you do not have to hum or make any noise at all.

Some people do find it relaxing to focus on a particular word or image in their head in order to relax their mind, but most people today use guided meditation audio files, CD's, or DVD's.

A guided meditation track is an audio file with sounds designed to calm the mind and relax the body. Rather than trying to force your mind to center on one image or one word, you can get into a comfortable position and just focus on the audio track.

This makes it much easier for most people to release the mind and go into a deeper state of awareness.

The benefits of meditation come after you are able to suspend your conscious mind and sink into a deep meditative state on a routine basis. You start to feel calmer and more at peace with the world.

You find it easier to handle stressful situations, and are better able to handle anger and negative situations. If you lead a very stressful and busy life, you find it easier to keep up without stressing out.

This is why many people consider guided meditation to be an excellent source of stress relief.

What is Hemi-Sync Meditation?

Hemi-sync is a special form of guided meditation that utilizes special blends of sounds and soft pulsating vibrations.

Scientific research has shown that certain sound patterns have specific effects on the brain. Some wave patterns combinations will bring the mind to a state of relaxation and calm, while others may increase energy to the brain and bring on a state of excitement, or even creativity.

Guided meditations based on this scientific research will blend sounds in an artful manner, so that the brain releases all tension and allows the entire body to relax.

Deeper meditative states can be achieved with this form of guided meditations, which means more efficient results for those interested in stress relief.

Are Free Guided Meditations Effective?

The fastest way to start meditation is to take advantage of free guided meditations online.

You can download them and play them right through your computer, or you can often download them into an mp3 player so you can move away from the computer to do your meditations.

The problem is that many of the free guided meditations offered online are rather low in quality. Many of them do not really work at all for most people, but then there are some that are exceptionally well made. 

Finding those few that really do work and are easy to follow can take a long time, and most people get frustrated and feel they are wasting too much time on low quality free audio files.

The solution to this is to pay for guided meditation products that are guaranteed to be of higher quality. This is a shortcut so you can get started right away, and see results faster. It just takes some financial investment.

Finding the Best Guided Meditation Resources  

If money is no object, then you can save some time and jump right to finding the best paid guided meditation resources. Look online and read consumer reviews, and then purchase a couple products and try them out.

You may want to start with resources designed for beginners, so you learn how to follow the guided meditations and successfully get into a restful meditative state.

If you do have a budget you cannot break, then you might want to start out with guided meditations downloaded for free online. You will find some that really work for you, and some that do not.

You will at least get a foundation of knowledge in how meditation works and the benefits it can deliver for your life. At a later date you may be ready to move on to a more substantial paid program.

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