Free Stress Balls And Their Use

Free stress balls for everyone? Is that an option?

It seems like every time you turn around these days, you’re staring at yet another foam stress relief toy, almost always imprinted with some company’s logo or slogan on it.

You see free stress balls everywhere, in every color and shape imaginable.

But why are they so popular? Is it just another business world fad, here today and gone tomorrow?

Or is there something more to it?

This article will try to answer your questions, and explain why a custom stress-relief ball advertising campaigns are so popular and effective.

Do Free Stress Balls Make You Work Better?

First, the little foam balls really do provide stress relief. Skeptics find it hard to believe that simply squeezing a little ball will remove any of the multiple sources of stress in a person’s life.

And, of course, the stress relief toys don’t fix stressful situations. They are a just a temporary fix to help people get through the day, and are surprising therapeutic in several different ways.

In tense or stressful situations, the stress relief toys provide a harmless target for employees to focus their impatience, frustration, or anger on—a physical scapegoat, if you will.

Visit any corporate call center, and you’ll see ragged, worn-out custom stress balls in many of the cubicles. When dealing with a difficult customer on the phone, it’s easier to keep your voice gentle and polite if you can crush the foam Santa Claus ball in your hand as you talk.

Free Stress Balls To Throw With

As any employee who has worked in a stressful corporate environment knows, these lightweight foam toys make excellent ammunition to throw in frustration at malfunctioning office equipment without actually damaging them.

Common targets include your computer or printer, the office copier or fax machine, or the snack machine that ate your money (and, occasionally, other employees, although we don’t encourage that sort of thing).

Free Stress Balls and Repetitive Strain Injury

Second, custom stress balls actually perform a useful medical stress relief function.

Office work is prone to muscular pains and even injuries from the repetitive stress of constant typing, mousing, or hand writing. Squeezing a foam stress relief toy exercises the wrist, hand, and fingers.

Your hands gets to flex and stretch, releasing muscular tension, and alleviating or even preventing cramps, aches, and pains.

Physical therapists actually use stress balls (or something very similar) to release tension and strengthen muscles in the wrists and hands of their patients.

Finally, in stressful social situations, like negotiations or meets, custom stress balls give you something to keep your hands busy with. You can channel your nervous energy into squeezing a stress relief ball instead of constant nervous fidgeting and shifting.

Free Stress Balls as an Effective Marketing Instrument

This is the first key to understanding why custom stress balls make such effective marketing tools: because people use them (sometimes daily), they keep them around.

While a flyer or print media advertisement will be glanced at once and then most likely thrown away, a stress ball will sit on someone’s desk for weeks, months, or years, exposing that potential customer to your brand logo every day.

Free Stress Balls are Valuable and Inexpensive

A second reason to understanding the popularity of stress-ball based marketing campaigns in that is inexpensive.

The cost per stress toy is relatively low, and the larger batch you order, the cheaper the per-item cost becomes.

For example, just the basic, one color, one logo stress ball costs about a dollar apiece if you order 150 of them. If you order 2,500, however, the cost drops to around fifty cents per ball. At prices like that, your company can afford to give them away free to potential customers.

And, of course, the fact that it’s free automatically makes people more favorably disposed toward your company to start with.

The more exotically shaped custom stress toys in multiple colors are more expensive, but there is a good reason to go that route.

With logo-stamped stress balls everywhere, a different shape makes your stress toy stand out. For example, a stress toy shaped like a light bulb, cell phone, or chili pepper might peak a someone’s interest and make them glance the logo, wondering what company is using flower-shaped foam stress ball to advertise.

It associates your company’s logo with your product in potential customers’ minds.

You can also carefully select the shape of a custom stress ball to send a particular message.

Whether you chose a humorous or professional shape says a lot about your company. If you’re trying to promote low prices or a sale, for example, you might chose a custom stress toy shaped like a piggy bank or dollar sign.

Online businesses that specialize in custom stress balls imprinted with your company’s logo often have hundreds of shapes to choose from, and some have over a thousand.

Go ahead and get creative. You’ll find a custom stress toy gets more attention than a traditional solid-colored ball, and that makes it worth the extra money.

Conclusion on Free Stress Balls

Now that you understand how and why customs stress balls advertising works, consider including it in your next marketing campaign. It’s cost-effective, gets results, and most of all, it’s fun!

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