Funny Videos For Stress Relief

Can funny videos really help?

The human mood is an ever changing story, determined by a lot of physical and mental influences at the same time.

For example, just some physical rest or enjoying a funny video scene can change our emotional state.

Physical exercises can interact directly with our emotional state.

The sheer act of putting a smile on your face generally lifts your mood.

Change Your Perception Of Things

It is important to know that our mood determines a great deal in how we perceive daily life. Basically, when you're happy, it seems like everything is going right and you might feel that you can do more with your time.

This is a two way mechanism were a person can consciously act, even in a low mood, and can then harvest the mood uplifting benefits of his initial action.

Take Action

Taking care of your mood, as well as getting rid of stress are both important things because you will be able to focus on other aspects of your life when you feel better in general. You can get along better with colleagues, with family members, and friends.

One of the things that is important to remember about moods is that we feel emphatic with what we see. This means that things that we are looking at can influence directly our mental state and thus making us feel a certain way. Therefore, watching comic video scenes can be a great way to lift your moral.

Mirror Neurons?

A big reason that people tend to react to what they see with empathy is because we have mirror neurons in our brain.

These mirror neurons are linked to what we see by certain brain regions, such as the anterior insula and inferior frontal cortex. These brain regions are also active during the experiencing of some inner emotions.

These specific neurons are also active when you see another person experiencing an emotion. This is why they are called mirror neurons. Actually you will empathetically feel what you imagine the other person is going through.

This is why a comic video scene can make you laugh, and why watching something funny in general is a great way to obtain stress relief.

Therefore, a good way to lift your mood, and to erase stress, is easy to do. You simply look for things that portray the way that you would like to feel.

Pick some funny videos scenes, and watch them with empathy. The more that you see people doing something funny, and the more you laugh about it, the better you are going to feel.

Of course, it might be fun to watch people falling off of things, but the point should be that you have to feel empathy towards them. So you want to choose videos and other comic things that deal with the way that you would like to feel and that have a basis in reality for your own feelings.


Your mood can have an impact on everything that happens in your life, and on how you are feeling on a daily basis.

Because of this, it is important for you to go ahead and get the most out of life, uplifting your mood if you have to.

Funny video scenes and other comic visual aids can do just that, so you can enjoy your life each and every day.

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