Herbal Stress Relief - Beat The Stress With A Cup Of Tea

Looking for herbal stress relief?

General health is something that many people take for granted in this day and age. They figure that they will take care of themselves later or do something healthy once in a while and it will be ok.

Sadly, many people will wait too long, until the damage to their health can’t be repaired. There are things that you could do to help your body to naturally fight off the negative effects of stress.

Herbal stress relief from drinking tea is one of them.

There are many different types of teas that help besides just the regular brand. Green tea is making its splash and many people have started to reap the rewards of drinking it.

Many people don’t realize this but tea can play a major role in naturally helping your body to raise its defenses, aiding in stress relief and fighting disease.

Green tea is a good herbal stress relief approach for detoxifying your body. Many people use this when they wish to flush out toxins and fats that have accumulated in their bodies.

It has been proven also that it is an excellent aid in diets because of the things that it does for your body, so when you think about it, either way, you win!

Scientific Proof of Herbal Stress Relief

In the following paragraphs we will cover a little information about different studies that have been done on the effects of drinking green tea for herbal stress relief (among other things) and aiding in your general overall health.

In one study, which was conducted by Germans, they used green tea and filtered water as an application for skin damaged caused by radiation therapy. They used the tea and water in a compress on the site for ten minutes three times a day and noticed that it helps to speed up recovery of the skin!

Another study that was done by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition back in December 1999 and they raved about the thermogenic properties in the tea, saying that it promotes oxidation of the body’s fat. They claim that the extract of green tea could indeed be a factor in controlling the body’s fat oxidation, by activating sympathetic thermo genesis. Pretty interesting information wouldn’t you say?

In another test conducted in the subject of HIV, they claim that green tea helps to prevent HIV from attacking and destroying the body’s T-Cells.

In another study found in an issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences back in April of 2005, they said that green tea could reduce and or prevent the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

They went on to say that in this study, they observed how the effects of the polyphenols found in green tea showed that the mice that were injected with this were less likely to develop arthritis. Out of 18 mice that had the green tea, only eight of these mice developed arthritis. Out of 18 mice that didn’t have green tea, all but one showed signs of arthritis. Pretty interesting facts don’t you think?

Now in May of 2006 the University School of Medicine at Yale did a review article that covered over 100 different experiments that were done on the benefits on a person’s health while using green tea.

They discussed something that they referred to the “Asian Paradox”, in which they talk about how people in Asia have a much lower rate of cancer and heart disease, even if some of them smoke.

The theory is that many Asians drink at least one point two liters of green tea every day and this in turn provides antioxidants and also high levels of polyphenols for the body, and as stated, this in turn helps your body to be at its best.

As discussed throughout this article, the polyphenols and antioxidants found in green tea have been proven to work in at least seven or more ways to help in making a person’s cardiovascular system work better and be healthier.

It is also said to prevent the platelets in the body’s blood from sticking together, (it acts as an anti coagulant so to speak, and this is why many doctors will tell a patient not to drink green tea before surgery.)

Lowering Your Cholesterol Levels

it also helps to improve the body’s cholesterol levels. Researchers have stated that green tea helps to prevent LDL cholesterol buildup in the arteries which in turn helps your blood flow more freely.

The Need To Relax

Finally, another study that the Biological Psychology edition published in August of 2006 stated that L-Theanine, which is one of the chemicals found in green tea, causes the inhibition of cortical neuron excitation. This in plain English means that drinking green tea relaxes a person.

Science finally shows what we all knew already a long time ago by experiment: That herbal stress relief does exist and does work.

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