Humor Stress Relief - Easy and Fun

Living life gives many causes for humor stress relief . We all feel stress and most of the time we know that we will laugh about it later. 

But how good would it be for stress relief to laugh about it now? Science tells us that humor is a great way to regain our balance and to deal with stresses that life tosses at us.

There are many reasons to use humor stress relief . There are both short term and long term benefits to laugher.  Mentally, people who use humor have a better outlook on life and thereby deal with issues, challenges, and those bumps in the road in a more positive way.


There are a number of specific things that can help a person change their mental habits and make humor a larger part of their life. Not to mention that laugher is contagious. 

When you laugh others around you are also treated to a humor boost and may laugh also.  This reduces stress not just for you, but for those around you, too. 


What are the short term and long term physical benefits of humor? Medical evidence indicates that laughter stimulates your organs and improves the amount of oxygen-rich air that you are taking in. 

Not only are your heart, lungs, and muscles engaged, but the brain responds by releasing endorphins. The natural stress mechanism is given a run though leaving a post laughter feeling of relaxation. Because the heart is revved up the blood circulation is improved and this can reduce physical symptoms related to stress.

Taking a little time to have a good laugh and experience the joy and fun involved in the process can be as refreshing and as rejuvenating as a short nap.

In the process of laughing you can burn as much energy as several minutes working out on the rowing machine or exercise bike while working out the diaphragm, abdominal, respiratory, facial, leg, and back muscles.

By massaging the abdominal organs, toning intestinal functioning, and strengthening the muscles that hold the abdominal organs, laugher is simply a great workout.

Lasting Changes

How can humor stress relief make positive changes in mentality that improve the quality of life? Did you know that laughter can boost your immune system, helping you fight off illness?

Positive thoughts and laugher release neuropeptides that combat stress and keep your immune system functioning properly. Laughter also helps the brain release natural chemicals that help fight pain and can assist in controlling pain-spasms that some muscle disorders cause.

When a person is happy, and laughing, then they may have more personal wellbeing, finding that they can cope better when tough situations arise, and they also tend to draw others to them that helps build support networks.

Laughing tends to create a lower standing blood pressure, which has many health benefits for your cardiovascular health. When you laugh you may well retain more of what you experience, and this helps you learn new things.

By stimulating the entire brain, easing muscle tension, reducing stress, and elevating the mood, laugher aids in keeping the brain alert and helps more information to sink in.

Practical Advice

What are specific ways to humor stress relief in your life? There are a number of techniques to try, what works for you specifically may be a combination of them.

Begin with the easy things, like adding photos, comic strips, or other things that make you chuckle within sight.  You may wish to post them as pictures on the wall or use them as a desktop on your computer.

When you need a humor boost turn to funny movies, comedy albums, or similar pastimes. Practice laughing at your personal situations, because the more you laugh, the better things will get. Try to spend time with people who make you laugh, and take it a step forward by sharing laughs of your own.

Try learning some classic jokes or reading joke books. Learn when a joke is harmful, and cultivate a positive sense of humor.

Remember, the next time you need a little stress relief that laugher is the best medicine.  When you use humor stress relief you will discover that you have the power in your hands to cope with any situation.  It need not be a series of struggles, if you can laugh at the absurdities life tosses your way. 

Keep in mind that unlike other forms of stress relief that humor and laugher are free and freely shared.  There is no exclusive hoarding of humor which makes this the ultimate social method for relieving stress.

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