Low Stress Jobs for Your Relief

A low stress jobs? Yeah right! With the wrong person in charge, even watching paint dry can be stressful and I’m sure there are many who will agree with me on this.

I’ve had jobs in the past which by all accounts should have been stress free or at the very least; they should have been low stress jobs.

The truth though is, if your boss happens to be some sort of ego maniac, even these kind of jobs can become a nightmare.

Alternatively, there are some jobs and some bosses which are in fact so pleasant; they could in themselves be considered a form of stress relief.

On the other end of the scale we have some people who actually thrive on stressful situations just as we have those who in one way or another, are simply their own worst enemies as far as stress is concerned.

So, how exactly would we define a stress free job? Well, I think it’s really quite self-explanatory in that, if a job does not result in causing you stress, for you then, that is a stress free job. Remember though, a job which you may consider to be stress free, may be highly stressful to somebody else.

The Trade Off

Inevitably, in most cases one would be faced with a drop in wages and more often than not, also in status, in return for a new job which you consider will involve less stress than your current position. Of course one also needs to look at the long term prospectives as a pay cut now may well be worth it in order to secure a happier and healthier future.

Reducing Work Stress

According to studies carried out, work related stress is the primary reason employees trade their current jobs for a low profile career. While your current position may pay well and provide you with many perks, sometimes it may be best to forfeit these benefits if it means you will lead a happier life.

In Search Of Security

Just as with a desire to reduce stress, for some people security also plays an important role in their decision to change jobs. Many a time I witnessed this during my time in the oilfield. While the money was good, there was no medical aid, no pension and job security was non existent. This resulted in a high staff turn over as people left for jobs offering greater security, even if it meant lower wages each month.

In Search of Your Dream

While not as much an influencing factor as the reasons already mentioned, there are many who choose to give up their current careers in order to spend more time with their families or to follow a dream and live where they want. I myself fall into this category having spent many years at sea in the oil and gas field. While the money was good and I enjoyed much time off from work, I traded that life in for a life where I get to spend each and every day with my family and live in a country of my choice. While this life has no security, for me the quality of life makes it all worthwhile. This decision took me out of an extremely high stress job and allowed me to follow a stress free dream.

When we Grow Older

For many, as we grow older, our needs become less. Admittedly, they don’t always become less but instead, we tend to place less importance on certain things than we did when we were younger. As a result we’ll need less money which in turn means, there is less reason why we should put our health at risk by remaining in a high stress environment. In fact, many people who choose to swap over to low stress jobs are people reaching there later years.

I’m Caught in The Stress, What Should I do?

First let me say that you have my sympathy because I was in the same position just seven years ago.

For some, due to their individual circumstances, it may quite literally be impossible to give up their careers in return for low stress jobs. The factors which determine this are far too many to mention here so if you find yourself in just such a position, it’s of fundamental importance that you find a suitable means of stress relief.

In this day and age, nobody can say they are not aware of the fact that stress has a direct impact on one’s health. In fact, stress is considered to be one of the leading causes for heart problems and strokes.

To sum it all up, low stress jobs usually come at a cost, which in most cases takes the form of a cut in income.

If for your own reasons you can’t make this trade-off and are forced to remain in your current stressful environment, please be sure to incorporate some beneficial stress relief activities into your lifestyle. If you don’t, the price you will end up paying will far outweigh the money you are earning now.

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