Medication for Anger

Can medication for anger really help? Nowadays the world has become smaller and people in this small world operate on a shorter fuse.

People get provoked faster, react faster and think less.

What is anger really? Anger can be unresolved frustration or masked depression or even accumulated stress.

In all cases, anger needs to be resolved before it can get out of hand.

Unresolved anger can also lead to diseases of the heart, brain and even paralytic attacks.

Medication for Anger and Stress Relief

We may have medications and various alternative cures for anger; however, first we need to know the cause for anger.

Anger is not a solution to the problem. On the contrary, anger often is the problem. Most of us get angry at some point in time but most of the occasions we can control an angry outburst.

However, there are many people who do not know how to control their anger. People with uncontrollable anger often have unresolved issues which are the underlying cause of their anger.

These problems can range from childhood abuse to neglect and even drug abuse. Hence, instead of reacting to the anger, it is important to know what the true cause of this anger is before using medication for anger.

Main Reasons

One of the main causes of anger is child abuse or neglect by the care givers in child hood. Children do not understand anything except love. Love and care helps children to manage their emotions of rage, grief and stress as they grow.

When love and care is absent then children are unable to control their anger and as they grow this feeling of neglect and anger grow with them. These feelings can lead to anger explosions and sudden outbreaks where the person can resort to violence and attack people. These people have sudden mood swings which can range from elation to severe depression and anger.

Substance Abuse and Anger Medication

Another important cause of anger is substance abuse. People who are alcoholics or drug addicts are often unable to control their anger. There are many instances where alcohol or substance abuse has caused a person to kill a person.

A lot of people use some kind of recreational drug to calm down the nerves, to deal in their own way with the symptoms of stress and anger but without resolving the underlying causes.

Food as an Anger Trigger

Many studies have indicated that there are many foods which trigger aggression in the body. Foods high in starch, sugars, caffeine and additives increase the blood sugar level in the body and cause aggression.

Refined foods are normally low in thiamine and chromium which are needed to control aggression and blood glucose levels.

Hence anger can be diminished by controlling the kind of food we eat. Research has proved that the increase in the consumption of fast food and foods high in refined sugars can led to an increase in the anger outburst incidences.

Drinks containing caffeine are also linked to an increase in the level of anger a person is feeling.

Medication for Anger as a Solution

What are the solutions to this kind of extreme anger? What are the ways to relieve stress and make a person calm? Fortunately, these days the problem of anger is recognized in our developed world. There are many forums, clinics and workshops where anger management is taught and practiced.

However, as they say “charity begins at home”. This change of anger rages has to be nipped in the bud by people themselves.

Parents need to give time and love to their children. Parents should encourage children to express themselves. Parenting does not only mean providing food and clothing to your child, it also means understanding his emotional and psychological needs.

There are many types of medication for anger available for adults. Medications for anger help in calming down the person while he learns the technique for anger management.

Anger can be controlled in many different ways. It’s often said that anger is a good servant but a bad master. If you are angry for the right cause and you know how to use your anger, you can achieve something. However, if you are prone to outbursts and impulsive anger, then here are some techniques to help you.

Suggestions for Anger Management

  • Accept flaws in your self and others. Nobody is perfect,

  • Give up some amount of control. Don’t act like the victim and if you have fallen down then, get up rather than getting angry,

  • Learn to understand why you are angry? Is it misdirected anger?

  • Learn to forgive and compromise.

Getting angry is easy. However, the courage lies in understanding and controlling your anger rather than be controlled by it.

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