Meditation To Lose Weight Is Real

Can you use meditation to lose weight? When you attempt weight loss there is a process that takes place. There is a right and a wrong way to go about it.  Many times attitude plays a huge role in long term success. 

Taking off pounds quickly may satisfy instant gratification, but in most cases it will not lead to the type of weight loss that is lifelong.  This is where meditation comes in. 

Not to say that you do not need to watch your diet and food consumption or to be active an exercise, because those things play a vital role, but many factors cause people to overeat, not just hunger. 

Meditation has many positive aspects including stress relief and by using it to help formulate a clear idea of what your goals are you can avoid many pitfalls that cause weight gain.  Because of this it is recommended that you add meditation to lose weight as a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Mindful Actions

Consider this, every action we do starts with a thought.  Sometimes the thinking is not even conscious. How many times have you sat in front of the television and snacked to find you'd eaten an entire bag of chips, bowl of candy, or what have you? 

Somewhere in there you thought about eating, even if you were not aware of it. Use of meditation can help you become more aware of those subconscious thoughts and desires so that you can better control them.

Another point is that exercise is more effective if we are mentally engaged in the process of movement.  Any movement can raise the hear rate, increase breathing, work the muscles, and help you burn fat. 

Having a clear cut reason for that exercise, and being mentally engaged in the process makes each movement deliberate and that can increase the amount of benefit gained from it. 

Power of Visualizations

When we start the process of loosing weight we need to formulate the clear visualization that lays out the blueprints for what we desire.  Meditation can be extremely helpful in forming this visual and keeping it strong in the mind's eye. 

This is part and parcel to controlling desires.  The body may react to sugar and fat commonly found in fast food and junk food like it might a drug. It craves these chemicals, either for the taste or the experience of eating them. 

When we are exposed to smells or sights we may feel hungry when we are not really in need of food, because we have become conditioned to the consumption of that fat or sugar. 

We might even discover we are binging on that food after denying ourselves it. Rather a serious problem, would you not agree?

A Multi-Dimension Approach

Controlling those desires and cravings is one of the hardest tasks that anyone trying to shed pounds faces. 

Meditation is one way, and perhaps the best way, to bring those subconscious thoughts to the forefront in order to tame them and make them stop.

This is important because when you start on the path of becoming healthy you must become healthy all around.  You exercise to strengthen your body.  You eat right to nourish it. 

What about the mind?  What about the soul?  Meditation will strengthen the mind and nourish the spirit.

How to Meditate

Meditation to lose weight is not something that needs to be complex or take a long time to do. It might be difficult to get into the correct state of mind if you have never done it before, but there are many guides to help with this.

One can use different forms of meditation to achieve their goals also. Depending on the task one might use mindfulness to remain aware of their actions or deep still meditation to train the mind.

One thing that is certain is that meditation becomes easier over time and that the positive results can help alter internal paradigms. By shifting outlook, little things like eating right and avoiding junk food becomes something natural instead of being a fight.

Using mindfulness can make exercising something looked forward too instead of something that is a dreaded chore.  Both things can help with weight loss and formulation of a healthy lifestyle.

Meditation is a natural form of stress relief . Being able to deal with stress without being tempted to go for a candy bar, or having to force yourself to exercise makes meditation to lose weight an important part of any weight loss plan. 

Dieting need not be another stress on your life and living a healthy lifestyle is well worth the time it takes to meditation to lose weight.

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