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Each year, hundreds of thousands of Americans rush to emergency rooms with unexplained chest pains. These individuals are convinced that they are having a heart attack and fear for their lives.

However, when many of these patients are examined by a doctor, it is revealed that the person is not, in fact, having a heart attack, and that he or she does not suffer from heart disease.

Upon further investigation, it is discovered that the common link between these patients is that many of them have extremely challenging jobs and suffer from high levels stress.

Yes, it has become a bit of a cliché, but stress does, in fact, kill. And the pain that is felt by these patients is very real and cannot be cured by the power of suggestion alone.

Pain and Stress Reduction - Where to Begin

It is also important for people to identify the source of their stress. While it is true that most individuals who suffer from stress that is serious enough to cause them physical pain have extremely high-pressure jobs, there are many other possible culprits.

To begin with, family stress is an obvious suspect. Many people have difficulties at home and believe that to be a normal, everyday event. They do not realize that their problems at home could be contributing to their condition.

Pain and Stress Reduction - Other Sources

Even more common than family stress is money stress. In fact, both money and family stress are inextricably linked. It is a sad but inescapable reality that the reason why most marriages end is over financial problems. So stress in the family can very frequently be linked to money problems.

Although there is not always an easy solution to money problems, the best people can do is to be honest with their spouse. Hiding things can lead to even greater levels of anxiety and stress, which, in turn, can lead to stress-related pain.

We all live in the fast-paced, modern world, and, while it may be impossible to eliminate stress from our lives altogether, there are steps that we can take to alleviate it and thus reduce the likelihood that we will with be affected by stress-related pain. The first thing we can do is to be honest with the people around us and ourselves. Adjust your expectations if needed and focus on the present moment.

Pain and Stress Reduction - Beyond Basic Stress Relief

If you find that your pain cannot be controlled through traditional stress-relieving techniques, it may be time for you to make an appointment with a pain management professional. Pain management professionals come from all different fields and disciplines. You may choose to first consult an experienced physician like an anesthesiologist or a physiatrist. You may also decide to visit an occupational therapist, psychologist or chiropractor.

If none of these treatments work for you, don’t give up hope. There are a number of methods that are a little less traditional or mainstream that may help you relieve stress, and therefore may alleviate your pain. For example, you can take classes in Yoga or locate a good message therapist. You may also experiment with treatments like acupressure or acupuncture.

Pain and Stress Reduction - Medication

If after all of your research and experimentation, even with various diets, you still have not settled on a treatment that can help you handle your pain, it may be time to consider drug therapy. This is often a last resort for people who are suffering from chronic pain, but it must still be considered a viable alternative.

Your doctor may choose to administer anesthetics or even small doses of steroids to help you manage your pain. It really does depend on how serious your condition is. Most patients who suffer from chronic pain are individuals who have serious injuries to their back or joints.

Pain and Stress Reduction - Conclusions

As we mentioned, the first thing that a person who is suffering from stress-related pain can do is to try to locate the source of their stress.

Oftentimes, the source of the stress is not only work-related but also involves your personal relationships.

Before you go ahead and seek treatment for your pain, it is always best to be honest with the people in your life. Explain the situation to them and impress upon them the seriousness of your condition. This may go a long way toward helping you create a less stressful home and work environment.

Later, when you seek treatment, keep an open mind and realize that one treatment may not be enough to help you handle your pain. It may, in fact, take several different doctors and professionals from different fields to help you manage your pain successfully.

In the end, however, you will be better off with a team of dedicated professional working for your benefit.

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