Reduce stress with infrared sauna

Looking at new technology to reduce stress with infrared sauna

If you want to function at peak levels during today’s stressful times, you have to manage your stress. What’s more relaxing than a sauna!

The traditional sauna that you probably associate with heated stones or even steam has been updated with new technology resulting in today’s infrared sauna.

We’ll take a look at the history of saunas, and the cause of stress, and then examine the reasons why an infrared sauna provides the best stress relief.

Did you know the sauna originated as a tradition in Finland? In ancient times during their extensive winters, the Finnish dug holes into snow-covered slopes and lived in them.

These dwellings utilized fireplaces with stones, and water tossed onto the stones emitted heat into the air. People appreciated the epidermal stimulation and began using the technique of super-heated air to relax the body and refresh the mind.

By the time the industrial age rolled around, the sauna evolved into the more traditional room-with-stove that we think of today.

Actually, most people think of a steam bath when they hear the word sauna. The steam bath took the idea of adding water to a heat source to a new level, which many people believed served as a flushing out of the epidermis.

Modern Technology - Reduce stress with infrared sauna

But over the years, experts sought a better way to practice sauna therapy. Many felt the old-style saunas really did not relax the subject so much as exhaust him or her, and many people with ailments such as asthma or chronic bronchitis were bothered by the extremes of temperature and humidity found in the sauna. Yet others worried about the transmission of bacteria or viruses through the hot, humid air in a sauna bath.

The technology of an infrared sauna resolves those concerns. Please read on and discover why it's a great idea to reduce stress with infrared sauna.

An infrared sauna uses natural light to heat the body and gently bring it to relaxation.

You might remember from your school days that light as we see it includes an entire spectrum of colors. The light that we see comes from these familiar wavelengths and includes the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

In 1800 an English astronomer discovered that certain points in a refracted light beam indicated increased temperatures, and these were discovered to be highest past the red end of the spectrum in the wavelengths that we do not see. This part of natural light is used in far infrared radiation; it does not include ultraviolet light and so it is completely harmless to the skin.

It is clean and natural, and does not bombard your body with heat or steam. When directed – radiated - at the body, it penetrates to a depth of one to three inches, and its energy allows your body to process its own heat deep within muscle tissues in a healthful way. You can’t get more natural than that!

Relieve Stress

So why is it so effective to reduce stress with infrared sauna?

Each person experiences stressful situations every day. Stress is the result of any kind of change in your life. This can include even minor changes - don’t you feel stressed out a little if you find out you have to change how you do things at work?

We all associate stress with negative incidents, but even positive changes in our lives can be stressful. Think about getting ready for a wedding in the family, accepting a promotion, or how about that stretch of holidays that lasts from Halloween through New Year’s Day!

Each of us has to find a way to deal with stress in order to remain happy with our families, perform well at our jobs, and enjoy good health.

Regular sessions to reduce stress with infrared sauna will enable you to do all of that. When your body is stressed, it affects you at the cellular level. Many experts believe that use of sauna therapy stimulates your circulatory system and increases production of norepinephrine in your body.

Norepinephrine serves two purposes, as a hormone and as a neurotransmitter. Neurotransmitters are the chemicals that allow communication between cells. When you are stressed out, norepinephrine tells your body to prepare for it. It does not tell your body to chill out and ignore the situation; it makes you capable of meeting the daily challenges that you face throughout the day.

There are other chemical indications for infrared saunas, such as increased adrenocorticotropic hormone production, which has more to do with enhancing good health in general. But don’t you agree that maintaining good health and feeling well decreases your daily stress level?

Muscle Relaxation

Another factor in reducing stress is the relaxation of muscle. Do you know why you feel relaxed in a regular or steam sauna? Because your body is exhausted from the bombardment of the heat and humidity!

An infrared sauna, on the other hand, allows light energy to penetrate one to three inches into your muscle tissue. Your muscles use the energy to create their own heat, which causes them to relax naturally. There’s no better way to achieve that kind of relaxation!

What do you expect from a sauna? For a dry heat that’s better for your lungs, that eliminates the spread of bacteria in a humid environment, the healthful benefits of increased circulation and cell stimulation, and the ability to face life’s daily stressful situations, you have to choose to reduce stress with infrared sauna.

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