San Diego Stress Management And Tips

San Diego stress management is needed and available. Do you live in or around San Diego and feel the constant pressure of stress?

There is some data to suggest that stress for western dwellers is higher than any other area of the country, however the truth is people are feeling stressed all over the map!

The differences lie in the type and cause of your stress levels.

For example, San Diego is an urban area between LA and Mexico that is seeing many changes, including constant migration. San Diego stress management then becomes a matter of understanding the underlying causes, and addressing them adequately.


Another issue with the western state of California is home foreclosures; they have some of the highest numbers in the nation.

If you live in San Diego or the outlying area, you may live constantly with the fear of losing your home through foreclosure. Not only are the numbers high for notices of delinquency in the county, the percentage that are going to public sale are also way up!

Employment plays a large role in the above stressor and with numbers in the county higher than the national average; you have a right to be concerned. Currently, San Diego County has double-digit unemployment figures, and though they have come down slightly in the latter part of 2011, they are still quite high.

Immigration reform is a discussion that rages across the country, but especially in border areas like San Diego. Data shows that San Diego County is home to over 600,000 immigrant workers both legal and illegal.

While most statistics show that the jobs performed by these workers are on the lower end of the economic scale when you combine it with high unemployment rates you have the perfect recipe for stress. It is little wonder there are so many San Diego stress management options.

How is your health? Measuring stress and coming up with stress relief alternatives includes a person's overall health. Western states report getting the least amount of sleep and are most often advised to get more exercise or change unhealthy lifestyles.

As you can see there are many different reasons you may be feeling stressed out in San Diego, there was even a local band named Stress. However, the good news is there are also many different ways to address the issue.

Treatment Options

Escaping stress would be the most logical way to deal with it, but as you can probably guess that is nearly impossible.

You can reduce your stress by reducing your financial obligations, getting more sleep and altering your perspective on success, but you will still likely find some things to stress about.

Stress relief means different things to different people, for some the best answer is a weekend retreat while others want to work it off at the gym. What is the best option for you?

  • Hypnotherapy- Have you ever considered hypnosis? If you allow yourself to think outside the box, (in this case your television set) you will find that hypnosis stress relief is not some hokey bait and switch but a process of relaxation techniques that can be very useful in combating stress.

  • Work it Out- Are you more of a throw on the gloves and duke it out kind of person? A personal trainer and a weight bag may be all the San Diego stress management you need! There are gyms all over town you could use, but do not forget the in-home option as well. You can find a trainer who will work with you in the comfort of your own home and without prying eyes to add to your stress.

  • Retreat- Escape it all by taking in a contemplative retreat. There are many different options in this genre including religious. Take a few days away from the world at a mountain top retreat where all you have to decide is which relaxing activity to partake of first!

  • Advice- sometimes you just need someone to vent to, and if there is no one you trust around you what is a person to do for stress relief? How about some good old-fashioned advice on the internet?

Final Thoughts

San Diego stress management can take many forms up to and including therapy. Have you been struggling with stress for some time but have put off treatment?

Many people do because they want to be strong or simply haven't come up with the right stress relief program to suit their needs.

Hopefully, a few of the above ideas will put you on the path to recovery and a healthier, stress free life.

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