Seroquel and Anger - Problem, Pattern or Peculiar Bedfellows?

Do you use Seroquel and anger management is still an issue? Does your temper seem to explode at the drop of a hat?

These are problems for millions of individuals and anger management classes are now filled with clients who need to find proper ways of expressing their frustrations, resentment and stress.

The drug Seroquel have recently been making headlines.

It appears that a number of experts and consumers have found themselves in a debate about both Seroquel and management techniques to treat anger.

It has even been proposed that Seroquel usage is possibly related to increased episodes of ‘out-of control anger'.

As intriguing as this may sound it may not be necessarily factual in nature. At the present time there are no broad studies that document Seroquel can provoke more episodes of rage or angry outbursts of temper.

Controversy in the Medical Community

There have been hints in the medical community that the frequency of anger episodes has been seen to increase when Seroquel and anger management patients are brought together.

The potent drug Seroquel has even been prescribed for some individuals who are being treated for severe anger issues.

To think that this medication could possibly be compounding the emotional situations of some patients is indeed a serious matter.

What is Anger?

Anger is an emotion that affects every individual at some point and time. A specific incident triggers an inner response and the angry feelings begin to surge forward.

For some people it is much easier to maintain their self-control even when the brain is sending a chemical cocktail into their systems. Others struggle with the anger and barely hold their tempers in check.

Then there are individuals who are swept away in the tempest of this ‘anger storm'. The feelings of rage and injustice take control and they are not able to maintain a grip on their emotional responses.

There may, or may not be, other underlying mental health issues that feed the anger.

The Role of Medication

Although Seroquel and anger episodes have not been conclusively linked through verified scientific research it is always a good idea to investigate other anger control options. This will help you discover some of the safer, natural interventions that are available.

Anger is directly related to stress factors in a person's life. When stress exceeds your personal breaking point you must be able to control your temper response or you will fall victim to the fury of your own emotions.

These stressors vary from one individual to the next. What creates overwhelming tension and stress for one person may not cause any problems for others.

This is why it is important to learn what triggers your own feelings of rage and anger. Then you can learn what you can do to relieve the stress and negative feelings before the anger creates a raging whirlwind of emotions that you cannot control.

Alternative Therapies

Seroquel and anger control management classes are not your only interventions.

You can reduce those feelings of frustration and rage by employing some of these safe and approved techniques for stress relief.

  • Counseling

  • Behavioral modification therapy

  • Open communication

  • Honesty

  • A healthy diet and lifestyle

  • Learning to express your true feelings

  • Active sports

  • Biofeedback

  • Meditation

  • Tai-Chi/Yoga

These are only a few of the healthy, natural options that you can use to relieve stressors in your life.

When tensions are building and you feel your self-restraint and control beginning to slip you can help reduce the amount of stress by participating in one or more of these intervention techniques.


If you dedicate yourself to learning how to control your emotional responses you will find that these interventions can be of far more help than using Seroquel and anger will dissolve before it can fully materialize.

As you discover how much better you feel when you no longer are led by those angry sensations and outbursts you will begin to experience the full richness of a healthy, happy life.

This article concerning Seroquel and anger management is not intended to replace or provide medical advice for any patient. You should ask a professional therapist or medical doctor for help and advice concerning any type of treatment or medication.

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