Comic Stress Cartoons For Your Relief

Simple things in life like watching comic stress cartoons can give most people some instant relief. How is that possible?

There are many situations were we have deal with the phenomenon of stress. Often stress comes from our job, the home environment, family aspects and more.

Stress can have a negative impact on our health and our total well being if we do not find some form of stress relief.

While there are many excellent ways to relieve stress, one interesting method to try is using comic stress cartoons.

What are Cartoons?

So, you may be wondering what cartoons actually are. Well, there are various types of cartoons out there.

Cartoons can include illustrations that have different means, humorous illustrations, or even animated programs that you can find on television.

While they started out as pieces of artwork, eventually they became a part of print media. It was Punch magazine that first used the word “cartoon” in reference to the satirical drawings that were printed in the magazine.

Usually humor is the prevalent subject matter of most cartoons, making them a great method of relieving stress with laughter.

Laughter, Stress Relief, and Your Health

Laughter truly has been found to be a great medicine, and humorous stress cartoons can provide that needed laughter.

You see, there have been many studies that have shown that laughter does have health benefits and also works to help relieve stress.

In fact, today there is actually a new therapeutic field out there, called humor therapy, which helps with the relief of stress as well as aiding people as they’re healing.

There are several important stress relieving benefits that humor has:

  • Humor offers Physical Release. One benefit of laughter is that it offers people a physical release, as well as an emotional release mechanism. Many times people end up feeling the need to either laugh of cry, and after a good laugh, they often feel better. So, a good laugh can provide you with the release you need.

  • Humor Reduces Stress Hormone Levels. Laughter and humor also helps to reduce the levels of stress hormones within the body as well. Some of these hormones include adrenaline, cortisol, and dopamine. Humor can help to increase levels of hormones that are healthy, including neurotransmitters and endorphins.

  • Humor Provides an Internal Workout. When you laugh, it actually provides you with a good internal workout as well. It works the shoulders, contracts your abs, exercises your diaphragm, and can leave all those muscles more relaxed. It’s even a great workout for your heart.

  • Humor Strengthens the Immune System. The immune system can also be strengthened by the power of a good laugh. It helps to enhance the way T-cells and other antibodies work, which makes your immune system stronger.

Why Comic Stress Cartoons Improve Our Day

So, you may be wondering, why do comic cartoons improve our day? Well, first of all, they do provide laughter and stress relief, but there is much more to it than that.

Cartoons can provide a visual way beyond the physical world, using interesting settings, exaggeration, and even parody to bring about laughter.

They provide a distraction from all the negative emotions that may be plaguing you as well. You’ll find that cartoons offer a different perspective on life, allowing us to view stressful events more as positive challenges.

So, with the aid of cartoons, you’re able to get away from your stressful life for a moment, you can enjoy a good laugh and it provides a new perspective on things, which are key strategies in liberating yourself of subjective stress.

Where to Find Comic Stress Cartoons

There are many different places where you can find cartoons that will bring on you smiling face. Of course one of the most common places to find cartoons is in the newspaper on the “Funny Pages.”

You’ll also find that many magazines include cartoons as well. There are even cartoon books for sale that you can purchase to get your fill of amusing stress cartoons.

With the popularity of the Internet, you’ll even find many sites on-line that are devoted to stress cartoons and other funny things, not to mention that you can find cartoons on television to watch for a good laugh.

So, if you’re looking for better health, effective and instant stress relief in your life, and a whole new perspective, then why not use some comic stress cartoons.

Sit back, enjoy them, and have a cleansing laugh that will improve your entire day.

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