Stress Gift for Your Stress Relief

Chances are that if you’re reading this you’re looking for stress gift guaranteed to relieve someone’s stress.

A relative? A co-worker? Your significant other?

Before you read on, rest assured that you’ve already given them one gift: you recognize and respect their stress!

Too often nowadays we are so busy —one of the main causes of stress— that we don’t notice other people’s emotional turmoil or think of ways to provide stress relief.

Looking for a Great Stress Gift

Fortunately there are lots of great gifts out there to help relieve your recipient’s stress. These choices all address one or another of our senses—especially touch and smell. Costs range from less than a dollar to lots of dollars. What looks good to you?

Start in the local dollar store, where you can pick up Silly Putty or a Slinky. People think these two items are toys, but in fact they are mankind’s most effective stress relief agents! What’s better than squeezing Silly Putty, seeing if it picks up your supervisor’s face from his picture in the agency newsletter, or popping a Slinky back and forth?

Still in the area of tactile pleasure, cheap but among the best of the stress relief gifts, you can find all kinds of stress balls, in polyurethane or latex rubber.

The Popping Martian costs six bucks, and his eyes, nose, and ears pop out when you squeeze him! The website cautions that if you show him to your co-workers, he might disappear.

The Critter Puff is available at the same place. For three dollars, your co-worker or loved one gets to fondle a happy pink critter with lots of feel-good spikes sticking out all over his rubbery little body.

If you’re the boss with lots of hurried clients or harried employees, you can order small polyurethane balls plain or with your own message printed on them, and de-stress people in mass quantities!

Worry beads put a different spin on calming through the sense of touch. Originally used as prayer beads in many religions, they evolved into the secular sets available today. Get them in various colors for $6 on the Internet, or you can search them out in jewellery stores or antique shops made from precious stones or silver at prices much higher than that.

Before we leave the realm of touch take a look at the fitnessem Boddi Ball, at or For $20 you get two balls, one pink and one blue. These are firmer than the play-toy variety and actually excellent choices for exercising hand and forearm muscles. The big sell with these stress relief gifts is that they are scented! The pink one smells like rose, the blue one, lilac. This gift is a double-hitter because it appeals to both touch and smell!

Please your Senses with an Effective Stress Gift

Fragrance moves us into the category of candles, where we like Glade candles at the grocery store or Yankee Candle at the mall. Both brands are very effectively scented with prices ranging from $1.79 to more than $25. There is nothing like the rosy glow of a candle and its light scent to evoke peace and tranquility. Online shoppers can visit

The original Laura created her own candles in an effort to make a well scented, long-burning candle, and her website allows you to coordinate your sweetheart’s favorite scent with his or her room décor or favorite color. You can buy candles that are tall and slender, low and squat, with one wick or several, and in your choice of color and scent. She will even customize a scent for you!

Aromatherapy includes candles, but true stress relief also includes the wide world of body oils, soaps, creams, and more. Visit on the internet (or the store at the mall) for a complete line of products in various scents.

If your recipient is someone you want to romance, you can also find massage oil here; if it’s your sweet granny, look for the softest lamb in the world complete with blanket, linen spray, and sleep mask. Prices are pretty low but you can layer products and spend lots.

Infra Red as an Excellent Stress Gift

Those seeking an excellent method of stress relief in the range of $300-$500 and above should look at infrared sauna products.

Studies have shown that infrared saunas aid in the production of hormones and catecholamines that fight or relieve stress.

Free-standing one- and multi-person units, of course, cost in the thousands, but at you can view products such as infrared thermo blankets for about $375 and also portable infrared saunas for $500.

These stress relief gifts are long-term investments in someone’s health.

Conclusion on Stress Gifts

You can enjoy and take pride in the gift you are giving—not just a pretty candle or comfort bead bracelet, but the precious gift of stress relief.

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