Stress Management Training

It is possible to learn stress management training and in the process you will also learn about the different types of stress.

The physical, physiological and psychological stress that we experience determines what type of management is needed.

Stress Management Training and your Body

First of all, your body will respond to the stress it is trying to handle by releasing certain hormones which are related to stress management.

Epinephrine is one. This is also known as adrenalin. This hormone will allow you to react by providing you with more strength, speed and agility than normal.

When humans experience stress and their body starts producing hormones, they can lift items that normally they could not budge. They can run faster than they dreamed was possible and they can fight with more efficiency than they ever had before.

Psychological Stress

When stress is unable to be dealt with the psychological effects are depression and anxiety.

Studies have shown that in people who experience stressful situations the risk of depression arising from the stress is six times higher than those who did not.

These studies have shown that when stress hormones are released over and over the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) system becomes hyperactive. This interferes with the levels of serotonin, which is the chemical that regulates the feelings that make us feel all is well.

Although it does seem that some people are more susceptible to the risk of an overactive HPA. Those who are perfectionists are more at risk.

Stress Management Training of the Psychological Aspects

Stress can play a major role in mental illness. This is definitely the time to consult a professional. The symptoms associated with psychological stress can range from severe to mild. The milder symptom may be treated with a few over the counter medications.

There are symptom such as diarrhea, headaches, stomach upsets and heartburn that can be taken care of by purchasing a non-prescription medication. Even if the problem is a little more serious, therapy on a short term basis may be the answer.

Physiological Stress

When the body is faced with physiological stress the body has certain adjustments that begin to help your body deal with this stress. If this does not happen the person cannot cope with the situation that is causing the stress.

Today with the competition for everything being much higher there are more expectations and more risks. This causes more stress. Stress management training can help you to handle the stress that is causing so much havoc with your life.

When faced with normal stress a physiological response is generated from the body to handle these situations. When this is not present, as mentioned above, the trouble begins.

The body begins to lose all the normal responses to the environment. The stimulus that causes the stress to begin with may be anything.

Stress Management Training of the Physiological Aspects

Although you already know it, one of the effective methods of relieving stress is exercise.

There is proof that those who stay in good shape are more apt to have less stress. The exercise helps to get your mind on the optimistic and cheerful thoughts. A gym is a good place to start looking.

The incidence of stress related problems are becoming more known. This, in turn has spurred more gyms and trainers to come up with programs that are designed specifically for uplifting the spirits while exercising.

Whether it is a dance routine, walking, playing tennis or jogging you can relieve stress through exercise.

Physical Stress

Physical stress is caused by having too much pressure during too much time on a certain part or parts of your body.

A bad habit of putting too much stress o a certain part of the body can surface later on as a accelerated wear-and-tear of that body part, with possible chronic physical injury as a result.

Stress Management Training of the Physical Aspects

There are stress management techniques that may work to help relieve the physical stress you are experiencing.

Relaxation methods are one. There are Cd's that can help you to do this. Keeping one in your car to listen to in stressful situations will help.

Learning how to use your body wisely is essential for reducing physical stress. How to lift and transport objects is something important to learn.

Ergonometry for instance tries to adapt the working environment to the person. We have to be more susceptible to that approach.

Scheduling a massage can help to relieve the stress that build up every day. You know, thinking about getting that massage can help you to feel better as well.

Conclusions on Stress Management Training

There are many solutions to stress.

It will depend upon the type and severity of the stress you are faced with to determine the answer to the problem.

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