Stress Relief Desktop Games and You

The topic of stress relief desktop games for the computer is quickly emerging as a popular topic among many individuals, including those that specialize in psychology and health as professionals.

There are many different reasons for this interest in stress relief desktop games. Stress is a common experience for a number of individuals.

When an individual is exposed to stress for an extended amount of time, it will eventually start to take its toll on the health - physically and mentally. Here, I will expound on the topics of stress, and how stress relief can be achieved through the use of desktop gaming on computers, both at home and the office.

What is Stress?

When we feel as if we have been introduced to an overwhelming amount of something - such as responsibilities or even coping with day to day activities - we experience stress.

The body will actually respond to this type of situation in much of the same way that it would if we were faced with immediate danger.

Many physiological responses occur during stress. Individuals who have been tested while experiencing stress have been found to experience an increased production of hormones that result in other physical activities. When this happens, the common "fight or flight" response occurs. The breathing is more rapid, and the heart beats more rapidly as well.

The Symptoms of Stress

There are a number of symptoms that are directly related to stress. For individuals that experience these symptoms, they are highly uncomfortable. Furthermore, prolong periods of stress can actually result in the onset of medical conditions, like insomnia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and even serious diseases like various types of cancers.

Listed below are common symptoms that are often experienced when an individual experiences this issue:

  • Physical symptoms such as headaches, high blood pressure, sleeping problems, and similar issues may arise when an individual is exposed to stress on a regular basis.

  • Behavioral symptoms may include outbursts that are inappropriate, social withdrawal, a decrease in overall productivity, and even the abuse of alcohol and drugs.

  • Psychological symptoms may include anxiety, severe mood swings, depression, and excessive worrying.

How Can Computer Games Relieve Stress?

Now that you have learned a little about stress, you are probably wondering how basic computer games can alleviate it, right?

Medical professionals found an interest in the assumption that games can impact the health several years ago. They decided to put people in front of a computer game while they tested the brain and physiological responses while these individuals were playing.

It was found that the body was actually impacted in a positive way! The heart rate was reduced, breathing slowed, the spirits of the individuals seem to pick up, and a high level of relaxation was experienced! This research concluded that certain computer games can have a positive impact on the individual that experiences high levels of stress on a regular basis.

What Stress Relief Desktop Games Should Be Played?

Deciding what types of games should be played for the purpose of optimizing the level of relaxation can be a challenging task.

First, you should focus on avoiding those games that can actually have a negative impact on the mind as a whole. If you purchase and play these types of games, you may find that you get frustrated more quickly, and that your stress levels actually increase.

Games that contain graphics and themes that are violent are an example of games to be avoided. If a game challenges more than it entertains, it is quite likely that it is not a game that will assist you in drawing away stress…it will only lead to it.

While it may sound a bit silly, really basic stress relief desktop games that will allow you to overcome the challenges posed relatively easy are among the best types of games. This is because with these games, you can actually relax and remain calm.

When you overcome a challenge that is posed within a game, your confidence levels increase. In turn, this makes you much happier. If you are happy, it is quite likely that the body will not respond to stimuli in the environment with a "flight or fight" response. Happiness is a great measure of relief when it comes to day-to-day stress.


It is quite possible to achieve stress relief by the way of stress relief desktop games. Stress can have a negative impact on your overall health. There are several different stress relief desktop games that can be selected from these days.

Just remember to follow the steps listed here in selecting an appropriate game, and you are sure to reap the same healthy benefits that numerous others have from the productive and exciting stress relief desktop games!

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