Stress Relief Toys

Do you need some effective stress relief toys?

Have you ever been working diligently and the day just falls apart all at once. You probably want to wring the neck of whoever is closest to you even if they have nothing to do with your issues.

While this may be a little extreme and comical, the reason for the thought process is that your mind and body wants to rid itself of distress.

Low and behold, there is a plethora of stress relief toys out there to help you deal with the challenge.

Sure, you may be sitting there thinking you handle your stress well. Great! You may not need these, but someone you know might.

So we wanted to go over a few of them and see if they sound familiar. We know some of them will and even though you will get a good laugh out of it, there are many individuals who take this seriously.

Heck, they may have a playroom specifically designed to help them when the stress is at its highest point.

The Slinky

Remember standing at the top of the stairs and getting this masterful toy started in hopes it could make it all the way down without stopping? Those were the days right? Think about all the stress you didn't have back then. Many people don't realize how much relief can come from just holding each end and looking like you're playing the accordion. Nowadays you can pick one of these up at your local toy stores in a variety of colors and plastic instead of metal.

The Stress Ball

Now there are several different forms of this stress reliever. Even if you can't find one, a simple racquetball will do. While many people don't understand the point to them, you will find it to be quite soothing. Stress balls are basically a diversion. It allows the area in question to relinquish the feeling and move it towards your hand. Each time you squeeze then the body releases the distress.


Did you know pictures can ease the mind? It doesn't have to be family photos or anything personal, but just beautiful images of serenity and comfort will do the trick. You may not consider this a toy, but finding some sort of screen saver slide show could be one if you like computers. If you're at work, surround yourself with photos in your cubical, on the desk, or in your office. You would be amazed at the calming effect it creates.

Silly Putty

A favorite of many, silly putty allows you to twist, bend, roll, squeeze, and just do anything you want with it. The various colors can be relaxing and messing around with it every so often can enhance blood circulation and stimulating the nerves. Each offers a bigger benefit that is built around more oxygen as well as helping to eliminate toxins in the body. Needless to say, most stress relief toys do this for you.

Benefits Behind the Toys

We could go through hundreds of others, but most of them revolve around the four we stated previously. You may be sitting there reading this and wondering why you can't just exercise, take in a comical movie, or even try meditation, acupuncture or yoga. Well, you can, the only thing is these all take up some sort of time throughout the day. Do you have thirty minutes to an hour and a half to spare?

Most people don't and if you think about it these won't interfere with your daily routine at all. Spending time while you watch television is enough to distract the main area and divert the stress to your hand. Then again, if you're using the pictures on your computer a quick view every few minutes while you're checking emails and browsing the web.

Keeping it Real

Listen, no matter what you use, it is going to take away some of all that built up emotion. We aren't saying you need to latch one onto your belt or anything. Just have one handy when you need it.

If you're one of those "road rage" drivers, then keep one in the console. Have a hard time dealing with your boss? Keep some stress relief toys at your work place.

After the first few times, you will be happy you made such an inexpensive purchase.

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