Stress Relief Balls - Squeeze Your Way Out

Use and mechanism of stress relief using stress balls

Stress relief balls are malleable toys that are squeezed within the hand or otherwise manipulated by the fingers to relieve stress, relieve muscle tension or exercise the muscles of the hand.

Stress balls are designed to fit easily into the hand, and are very rarely more than 7cm in diameter. There are a wide variety of different stress balls, however, and not all are actually spherical in shape.

Most stress balls are molded closed-cell polyurethane foam rubber shapes that are created by injecting the components of the foam into a mold in liquid form, creating a chemical reaction that creates the foam, which hardens into a soft and malleable substance that feels nice in the hand.

Other Applications

Stress toys have a number of applications aside from regular stress relief, including releasing tension in the hands, strengthening the muscles in the hands and applications in physical therapy as well.

Some of these stress balls contain gel enclosed within a cloth or rubber skin rather than being constructed completely from polyurethane foam rubber.

Another popular form of stress relief toys are created using a thin rubber membrane, which surrounds a fine powder that can be shaped and molded easily with the hand. This type of stress ball can be crafted at home, simply by filling a sturdy balloon with baking soda or a similar powdered substance.

Some stress toys resemble hacky sacks or footbags, offering a completely different texture than the other stress balls out there.

Of All Shapes and Sizes

Despite the name, stress relief balls are not always spherical in shape. Many stress balls or stress toys are molded into a wide variety of different shapes, and many are spot printed or screen printed with corporate logos, amusing images or other designs to make them stand out.

The Marketing Connection

Stress balls are often mass produced for large companies and presented to the employees and clients as marketing pieces and gifts. This is one of the best ways to acquire free stress balls, because they are a popular marketing tool and can be found in conventions, trade shows, lobbies, job fairs, demonstrations, as gifts accompanying online orders and through a multitude of other methods.

An Example of Preventive Medicine

Stress toys are a staple within cubicles, where repetitive stress injuries are common, such as carpal tunnel syndrome for example.

Not only do they make great knickknacks to keep around in the office, but they also make excellent corporate promotional products, and even gifts for friends and family members. Because there are so many different types of stress relief balls, stress balls and other stress relief toys, there really is no way to have too many of these unique therapeutic toys around.

They can be used to relieve stress by squeezing and squishing them in your hands, and they can also help to alleviate cramps and pains in the hands and fingers associated with repetitive stress from using a computer, typing or hand writing too often in the period of a day.

There are also stress toys that are tougher with less malleable substances inside, which promote the strengthening of muscles in the hands.

Getting Your Hands on Free Stress Balls

Getting free stress balls is not normally difficult, because so many companies are giving them away as promotional products. Attend a convention, conference or trade show and you are bound to run across a few companies offering stress relief balls and other stress toys as gifts. These stress relief balls are actually often shaped in interesting ways, like cars, airplanes, animals, domes, cubes and so many other shapes.

Do It Yourself Stress Balls

You can also make your own stress balls at home, if you are looking for free stress balls but want to shy away from the polyurethane foam rubber variety. You can purchase strong balloons from a party store, and fill them with baking powder, soft sand or other similar substances.

Tie the balloon off when you are satisfied with the size and shape of your stress toy, and put a little bit of glue or nail polish on the knot to keep it sturdy. Some companies that manufacture stress relief balls like this use two balloons or two layers of the outer substance in order to prevent breakage, because a broken stress ball is no fun.


If you don't already know the benefits of stress relief balls from experience, it might be time to pick one of your very own up.

Stress relief balls are enjoyable and therapeutic even when you are not necessarily stressed out as they can keep your hands busy.

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